Ryley Polak

Instructor • Rotating Faculty Member

  • Hussian College In Studio, Los Angeles, CA – BFA

Ryley Polak was born and raised in the state of Rhode Island where he began his acrobatic training at age 10 and dance training at age 11. Ryley’s passion for teaching and choreographing began quickly after starting dance which inspired him to obtain his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Dance from Hussian College in Studio, Los Angeles.

Throughout college, Ryley explored a wide variety of dance techniques/styles, acting classes, and film classes all taught by working industry professionals. Ryley has studied and experienced many styles of dance which included ballet, contemporary, jazz, jazz funk, hip hop, aerial silks, world cultural dance, partnering, street styles, ballroom, and so much more.

While receiving his education, Ryley was signed to the Movement Talent Agency and began working professionally. Most recently he worked with Emmy award winning choreographer, Mandy Moore, on a commercial that aired during Super Bowl LVI. Ryley has also worked with other respected choreographers Mike Tyus, Ambrose Respicio, Derek Piquette, and companies such as Acrobatic Arts, CLI Studios, Steezey Studios, just to name a few.

What keeps Ryley so inspired and has since he was 16 years old, is teaching. With such a broad perspective of dancing Ryley is able to teach many different styles, levels, and ages where there is a lot of hard work disguised in having fun with lots of fun facts. Ryley mostly teaches Acrobatics, Technique, Contemporary, Jazz, and fusion classes and is SafeSport certified. He enjoys connecting acrobatic movement into contemporary or jazz combinations and carefully paces the class with stretching, strengthening, and across the floor exercises that include tricks that will be done later during the combo. Options are always encouraged so dancers are always working safely and at their own pace. These acrobatic fusion classes give dancers a chance to connect their tricks, to musicality and choreography.

Ryley always comes into class energetic and enthusiastic. Ryley takes immense pride in building an environment where everyone feels supported and encouraged. His goal is for the dancers to see the symbiotic relationship between acrobatics and dancing and his hope is for every dancer to approach acro classes with belief in their abilities.

Dancers always leave class with smiles on their faces knowing that they’ve tried something new and are becoming stronger more athletic dancers.

Ryley is one of the Rotating Faculty members for Jazz/Contemporary and Ballet Competing Blocks.

Open Company Classes

Class Name Day Of Week Time Age Teacher
Open Co. Acro (int) *closed for competing only Monday 4:30 pm—5:30 pm 7-14 Ryley
Open Co. Acro (int/adv) Monday 7:30 pm—8:30 pm 10+ Ryley
Open Co. Acro* (adv) Monday 8:30 pm—9:00 pm invite only Ryley
Open Co. Combo (int/adv) Saturday 11:30 am—12:30 pm 10+ Ryley
Class Name Day Of Week Time Age Teacher