Dance Programs


Welcome to FOCUS Dance Center for the Performing Arts where our “FOCUS” is on inspiring students and athletes of all ages and levels in the pure fun and artistry of dance performance and fitness. Our talented master faculty will provide you with the benefits of physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness, through the very best quality in training and techniques. We are thrilled you have chosen our Performing Arts Center and look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Here’s to a year filled with new, fresh, exciting, and inspiring beginnings!

FOCUS offerings:

  • Merit/Reward Based Training Classes
  • Adult Classes
  • Fitness only Classes
  • Competing Programs
  • Open Company Training Blocks
  • Social Dance Classes
  • Yearly Prestigious Concert Opportunity (separate from training classes)
  • Summer Camp/Workshop/Intensives
  • School Fundraising Partnerships
  • Creative Mind and Arts Academy for the tiny tot 9:00am-12:00pm (coming soon)
  • Morning Adult Fit Program: (Coming Soon)
  • Tap Jams/Improv: (Coming Soon)
  • Hip-Hop Dance Crew Classes and Companies (Coming Soon)

For more information about the above offerings, please contact us at 949.737.5151 or



Merit/Reward Training Classes:

Merit/Reward-based training classes provide on-going weekly growth encouragement training, for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancer, in all styles of dance, ages, 2.5 to 102. Classes are designed for fitness, dance technique/performance, teambuilding, confidence, posture, and presence, positive social skills, refined listening skills, mental and physical stamina, discipline, greater sense of responsibility, goal setting and achieving, as well as new friendships. The skills gained in each class, help to enhance all areas of one’s life.

  • The Merit/Reward-based training classes are on-going with no set beginning or ending dates to the training program to give the student the ability to continue challenging themselves to more advanced levels of ability when they are ready.
  • Dancers challenge themselves to advancement through three yearly informal/in house showcase/progress presentations where dancers advance through three rankings (Example: 1A, 1B, and 1C etc.) within each training level as well as the ability to graduate to more advanced levels when ready. Carefully planned curriculum and training are given to successfully master the skills of each ranking and put the control in the hands of the student as to how quickly they grow and advance.

Adult Classes:

Whether you are new to dance, use to dance, or are still dancing, FOCUS has a variety of classes for you! Check out our adult classes in Tap, Hip-Hop, Ballet, and more…our professional faculty go the extra mile to ensure a challenging yet nurturing environment for our adults.

Honors Concert Series:

The Concert participation opportunity held in early May, equivalent to the super bowl in its magnitude, prestige, and grandeur, is now offered separately from the Merit/Reward-based training classes giving the student the opportunity to continue training uninterrupted. The choreography and rehearsals are taught outside of the weekly Merit training classes (day(s) and time(s) TBD) over a shortened period in preparation for participation in this prestigious event. The Concert is the next level up to the success of the dance experience. It is a collaboration of like-minded dancers interested in participating in the added benefits of confidence, and composer in front of an audience, the united challenges of working with a team on a professional stage, and a sense of completion in successfully applying and presenting the skills gained from their on-going training, and the opportunity to share the stage with our Competition level dancers.

  •  Honors Performance Concert Series involves a participation fee as well as costume charges for each dance.  Every participating dancer is responsible for these fees. Please be aware that you may have some additional costs for the performance, i.e. accessories for costumes, and basic makeup. Optional costs may include reserved seating, professional photos, USB of performance, flowers etc.
  • Students who join a class after March 1st will need to be assessed and approved to participate in the Spring Concert Series


Competing Programs:

FOCUS offers three award-winning Competing programs: “Company PRO”, “Company” and the “Competition Starter Program”. All programs are designed to give dancers Professional Technique/Performance Experience while building self-confidence, teamwork, responsibility, determination, drive, discipline, growth and development, and lifelong friendships. Dancers will be challenged and inspired to the next level in our Company-only Training Blocks and Open Company Classes. We train our dancers in Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, and Acro. Special opportunities include Competitions, Conventions, professional Photoshoots, bonding Rallies, and Master Classes, as well as guidance on Audition Training for dance agency preparedness and College Resume building.

Company PRO – for the Intermediate / Advanced – Semi-Pro Dancer:

This competitive FOCUS Company is a committed program, requiring participation in both Company-only Training Blocks and Open Company Classes. Dancers must attend a minimum of one convention, 3-4 competitions, and extra performance opportunities throughout the season. For a schedule of our Company-Only Training Blocks, please contact our office.

Company – for the Intermediate Dancer:

This competitive FOCUS Company is a committed program, requiring participation in Company-only Training Blocks. Dancers must attend a minimum of one convention and 3-4 competitions throughout the season. For a schedule of our Company-Only Training Blocks, please contact our office.

Competition Starter Program (ages 4-6) – for the Beginning / Entry-Level Dancer:

This program introduces the new dancer to the benefits of competing, with special training classes that prepare them for two competitions during the season. Our competing faculty gives an inspiring experience of improving the dancers' focus, confidence, teamwork, and enjoyment in the world of competing.

To be eligible for one of these three prestigious Competition Programs, please contact our office to find out more about our Programs. You can pre-register to attend the Audition Clinic Intensive held in early July. Make-Up Auditions are held in early August, with opportunities to still join through the end of September. Open Company Classes are offered ongoing throughout the season to non-auditioners. Come experience the inspiring journey of Competitive Dance at FOCUS.

Open Company Training Blocks:

In addition to the exclusive (Company Only) training blocks, we also offer non-competitive and competitive dancers the extra opportunity to take Open Company Classes to challenge and inspire at a more advanced level. Check out our schedule online.

Social Dance Classes (Coming Soon):

FOCUS Salsa classes are geared for beginner and intermediate dancers. Whether you have never taken a salsa class, have current, or past experience, these classes will provide you with the opportunity to feel confident out on the dance floor. Use your newly learn abilities at a wedding, business party, or just a night out on the town. Come take a salsa class at FOCUS, and WOW them with your salsa partnering skills today!

Summer Camp/Workshop/Intensives:

These summer programs introduce students to a variety of dance styles and master teachers, challenging the students to their next level of ability, inspiring personal growth, and bonding, while also providing them with the pure joy and passion of dance.

Creative Mind and Arts Academy: (Coming soon)

“A magical learning experience!”

A nurturing introduction to cultivating creativity, imagination, talents, knowledge, and wonderment of children, ages 3-5 years old. An alternative to Pre-School and Day Care.

Specializing in Tiny Tots to the world of dance, Technology, and robotics, basic educational skills, and structure, in a fun and playful creative environment.

Pilot program Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm with three 45-minute classes

Teachers' background checked, fully insured, covid-19 safety guidelines observed.

Reserve your spot now.

Promotional Pricing: One day a week $199.00/month*, two days a week $399.00/month*.

5 to 10 students per class to begin instruction.

Ask the Office team for more details…

Morning Fit Program: (Coming Soon)

The FOCUS exercise/fit program is tailored for the adult to improve their physical strength, stretch, coordination, and technical abilities at all levels from slow and easy, to intense! Here’s your chance to get, or stay toned with Classes in Pilates Mat and Reformer training, stretch and conditioning, Zumba, Ballet Barre, and more…

Tap Jams/improv: (Coming Soon)

Calling all Hoofers! Come jam, improvise and celebrate the fun of tap dance with great FOCUS Faculty, ready to challenge and improve your skills, while having fun at the same time!

Hip-Hop Dance Crew Classes and Companies: (Coming Soon)

Come join the fun of Hip-Hop classes at the intermediate, and advanced/pro levels for high school, college-age, and adults. Taught by industry professionals and Hip-Hop Crew members, it opens the amazing world of unity through dance to all who participate.

School Fundraising Partnerships:

FOCUS Dance Center is honored to be giving back to the community with fundraising opportunities for school programs and non-profit organizations.

Your school team or program can earn money when students enroll in a dance class at FOCUS!

Taking a dance class not only increases poise and performance skills but also helps develop confidence in other leadership activities.

Reach out to our Office team to learn more about how your public-school dance, cheer, theater, marching band, etc. teams or programs can benefit from partnering with FOCUS on fundraising efforts and extra credit needs. Other non-profit organizations that fundraise like Girl Scouts or a sports team can also earn money when members enroll in a dance class at FOCUS.

FOCUS has been offering dance training in Irvine for more than 18 years and celebrates the opportunity to support the community’s schools and organizations.