FOCUS Dance Center for the Performing Arts promotes the values of kindness, positive reinforcement, integrity, self-responsibility, expertise, and professionalism. FOCUS unites in offering a healthy, positive, and supportive environment, with a commitment to creating the best product in dance and fitness training, performance, and entertainment. Our sights are set on providing the best in diverse styles of dance for all levels, from tiny tots to adults. Our priority is in providing a clean atmosphere where dancers can join together, study the technical skills of dance and fitness, improve health and wellbeing, and build confidence and teamwork. Equally important, our dancers create and develop relationships that make a positive impact on their lives, as well as treasured memories and life-long friends. 

Our heartfelt Vision is to build and maintain the best product, cause no harm, and use our business to build trust in the Irvine Community, Orange County, and beyond. We hope to create a positive effect throughout the world as a result of our FOCUS Dance Center services. 

Our Mission is to unite the heart, mind, and soul through dance and fitness in a joyful, positive, and professional environment. We strive to provide the best in training and entertainment while inspiring confidence, health, and positive change for all ages throughout the world.