Dance, the Ultimate Inclusivity

In these times of heightened inclusivity awareness, the art of dance is the ultimate inclusivity!

Why Dance?

Dance programs are based in a type of creativity, and teamwork, that embraces and celebrates the unique style of each person. Dance attracts kids and adults from all backgrounds, religions, nationalities, beliefs, orientations, ages etc. where they are motivated, valued, integrated, and praised for their uniqueness and individualism.

What Drives Dance Inclusivity:

A huge value that drives the art of dance community is fairness. Treating people fairly, where your unique creativity, style and abilities are what is celebrated. The goal is to bring out each person’s uniqueness and capture it in an artistic and entertaining way. Everyone is given the same opportunities to excel and flourish by mastering the skills and art of dance and then uniting in a common goal of oneness.

Dance and Empathy:

Dance thrives on Interacting with people who have diverse practices, beliefs, life experiences, and culture for it stirs the creative juices and in turn promotes empathy. While you can never totally understand a person’s life without being them, in dance we listen and relate to each other, to find that common ground that brings us together, gives us strength as a tool to drive the creativity.

Dance and Inclusiveness at FOCUS Dance Center:

Some of the traits of inclusiveness are “commitment, courage, curiosity, cultural intelligence, and collaboration”. In dance these are some of the main ingredients for a successful performance. Also, teamwork, uniting in the artistic goals, embracing each other’s differences, and understanding that everyone is equally important to the success of the result in the artistic expression of the dance. Dance highlights and features dancers based on their abilities (not favoritism based on backgrounds) bringing us together where we are then strong and invincible in our quest to express ourselves through the art of dance.

Dance and Socialization:

In dance you are exposed to so many different backgrounds and the common thread that binds these different backgrounds and unites them is the love of movement, self-expression, skills, talent, entertainment, performance and being a part of something bigger than just, us.

The art of dance is not only diverse in movement, people, ages, style, music, and much more, but also welcomes all, both traditionally and culturally, in fueling the art of dance and giving life to the art of imagination and expression. Dance is truly the ultimate inclusivity.