The Benefits and the Support Network for Parents of Children in Dance and Fitness

It is no secret that there are many parents who understand and value the many benefits of dance and fitness bring to their children. Selfless parents are often seen providing this opportunity to their child through dance, often unaware of the secret health and wellness it offers to the parents as well!

Social Support and Networking for the Parent:

At FOCUS Dance Center, an environment of support and social networking with other parents as well as kids is cultivated and supported. Parents can connect and socialize at the studio with other parents as well as connect with those parents whose children are making social connections with each other in class. The studio atmosphere brings a diversity of parents together in a way that helps support the community and each other. Building a network of playmates and lifelong friends for both the parent and the child.

Quiet Time and Stress Management for the Parent:

A parent has the peace of mind knowing that they can drop their children off at the studio and use the time for running errands, tackling important tasks, and getting some work done. Maybe just some “me time” to go decompress, enjoy a refreshment with friends, a massage, or even some much-needed nap time.

It takes a Village for the Parent too:

Each parent understands the importance of teaching their children time management, responsibility, respect of others, confidence building, etc.  But we know it can also be quite the challenge to instill all these life lessons alone. Dance and fitness provide support for these life lessons as they are taught within the class and successfully help the student and aid the parent in the child’s life journey.

The Joy of Seeing Your Child as They Grow and Improve:

It gives such peace of mind the ability to witness right before your eyes the improvements your child is gaining and the fun they are experiencing as they learn and grow socially, physically through dance and fitness. Watching them make friends, connecting with the teacher (their role model) and building strength, endurance, coordination, and confidence, and most importantly having fun at the same time!

So now the secret is out! Having your child in dance and fitness is full of benefits for the parent as well. It helps to provide everyone with something valuable over and above the obvious benefits of physical and arts enrichment for the children and brings far reaching positive life enhancements to children and parents alike.