Inclusivity and Dance

Inclusivity is a hot topic with many having very specific views on the subject. And how we move forward to ensure all are accepted, and welcomed.

Art of Dance and Inclusivity

For me, inclusivity is and has always been synonymous with the art of dance, when the dancer is truly pure of heart and fully embraces the magical connection of movement/rhythm to their heart, mind, body and soul. When this is achieved, there is no room for negativity or short sighted judgment of others. When united in the freeing expression of movement then all can share that joy and positivity felt when you make that freeing connection to each other through the art of dance. 

Inclusivity is the very essence of what inspires choreographers and dancers in their amazing innovation, creativity, and limitless expression. This allows for the dancer to reach beyond basic human interactions and bond with them in a common goal to each other as they unite in telling each choreographed story, and emotionally impacting their audience through the art of dance.

Bonding through Shared Experience

In my past experience, that once a common bond and goal is created and shared through dance, it strengthens each individual person’s spirit. It also allows them the opportunity to express themselves, building confidence, self-esteem, and kindness. This opens everyone’s appreciation of each other. They then begin embracing and celebrating the individual uniqueness and differences each dancer brings to the experience. The inclusivity that is cultivated through dance at FOCUS creates a healthy positive and supportive environment, for both our employees and students. We are committed to causing no harm and providing a safe place where no one is judged in a negative way. Dance is where all can come together to celebrate each other’s differences, make that important human connection and the ever important support system that fortifies our invincibility. Our vision as well, is to continue creating outreach programs to those underserved and make a positive difference in the lives of all children and adults, our brightest light in the goal of inclusivity.