Is Your Dance and Fitness Workout Routine on a Yo-Yo Diet?

If you and or your kids did take off dance and fitness for the summer, and you’re getting ready to get back to work and school, it’s time to get back to dance and fitness too!

However, one of the positive realizations that has come from the pandemic is how dance and fitness help us to maintain our physical, mental, psychological, and social well-being not just seasonally but on-going. 

Consistent Workout Routine is Important

We know how important it is to have a consistent workout routine in our lives as an adult, whether it is going to the gym, stationary biking, golfing, walking, running, yet we sometimes are short-sighted with including dance and fitness in summer months for ourselves and our kids. 

Unfortunately, our bodies and psyche do not hold on to all the wonderful benefits endlessly when we take off so many months over the summer, and our body and mind begin to revert to the unhealthy ways we had before our positive dance and fitness lifestyle routine.

Much like the yo-yo effects crash dieting has on our mind and body, taking too long of a break from dance and fitness becomes like a roller coaster ride for our mental and physical balance and wellness as well.

Rest is Good, Moderation is Better

Of course, it is important and healthy from time to time to take off several weeks throughout the year, to go on vacations, or stay-cations and give our mind and body some much needed downtime and rest from our constant ‘on the go’ lifestyles. It is also a great time to catch up with friends and family and enjoy the warmer weather. However, we want to be careful exactly how much time is being taken off, so going off our healthy fitness and eating habits for months at a time does not lead us to that slippery slope of unhealthy habits that will come back and bite us in the fanny figuratively as well as literally lol!

Moderation is not just meant for what we eat, but also for the physical, mental, psychological, and social well-being of dance and fitness! So go ahead and enjoy “in moderation” a little ice cream and cake, lay on that couch, go on that vacation and get some rest, but be careful to not ride that yo-yo of unhealthy habits of eating and denying yourself the amazing benefits of dance and fitness for too long.