How to Truly Support a Small Business

One of the biggest insights realized from the lasting effects from the pandemic is just how important small businesses are to the backbone of a community.

Many small business’ owners invest in the community by owning and or leasing within the community, offering services close to neighborhoods which create less traffic and pollution, and supports local charities, sports teams, schools etc. Small businesses also offer jobs to the community, hire local services like cleaning companies, etc. that help the local economy and community to thrive. So, the disruption, and in some instances, demise to “service based” small businesses was very destructive to the local economy.

Service based businesses like dance studios, gyms, hair salons, nails salons, movie theaters, etc. were required to shut down in-person services, and the community was on lockdown. This meant unrecoverable loss of revenues, unlike a product-based business that could recoup losses later by selling their warehouse-based products later. The most hurtful of all was that these service-based businesses were still responsible to pay overhead costs with little to ‘no’ revenues in-coming. A very sad story indeed. Even with the governmental Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which helped kick the can down the road, it did not make up for all their financial strains.

Fast forward almost three years, and we can see that the coronavirus disrupted our routines, whether visiting a dance studio or gym, shopping at a store or seeing a movie, or meeting our friends at a restaurant for a drink and some food. We can see people slowly getting back to their routines, so this is helping, but the small business’ members of the community who own them still need your help to keep their employees working and get back to pre-pandemic success.

So how can a community truly support small businesses, especially the “service based” businesses?

Although visiting a small business occasionally is helpful or buying a gift card, etc., the most effective option of all is to become a regular member. Join a gym membership, sign up for weekly dance classes ongoing, have a standing nail appointment once a month, give a glowing review, donate, and biggest of all is to spread the word to friends who can become regulars at a service-based business. Patrons will not only be helping the small businesses but the local economy, and the community to thrive, as well!