Victoria is one of our FOCUS Company Pro dancers. We wanted to spotlight her awesomeness, and give you some insight to our competing program!

Getting to know Victoria

This week in our Meet FDC PRO Series, I had the honor to speak with Victoria Le, one of our Company PRO family! Victoria has been a part of our family since 2018, and is now 12 years old! She competes in Jazz and Contemporary with us, but also trains in Ballet, Lyrical, and Musical Theatre.

Victoria and Shannon hugging it out at competition!

When asked to reflect on her experiences with Victoria, Shannon Willard, our competing director, replied with:

“Victoria was made for dance. She has a natural beautiful movement quality, gorgeous flexibility, and incredible strength. More importantly, she is incredibly hard working and always challenging herself. Her growth the last four and a half years on Company has been incredible to witness and I feel so lucky I get to play a role in her dance journey. Truly one of a kind and fierce in her own special way. She’s a star!!”

-Shannon Willard

FOCUS Memories

In our time together, I asked Victoria to share one of her favorite memories. She told me how some of her favorite times with the FOCUS Competing team are the spirit rallies held near the end of the season. Everyone dresses in fun colors and cheers on their teammates. She recalled how one year, there was a huge water-balloon fight! Victoria told me that that year was one of her favorites to date. One of her funniest memories was also at this event when fellow Company PRO dancer, Niko, dumped an entire bucket of cold water on Shannon!

Victoria’s Season 19 Solo: “Small things” can be viewed HERE

Victoria’s solo this past year was absolutely beautiful. Just by watching it (which you can do by clicking this link: Click here to View) you can tell all of the hard work and effort put into the performance. I asked Victoria what her inspiration was and she told me that a lot of things went into her solo, and that she worked with her choreographer Shannon to gather personal moments and memories to channel into the performance. 

Closing Thoughts

Victoria also told me that as a person, FOCUS has significantly helped her time management skills, teamwork, and hard work in general. Being a part of the FOCUS Company PRO program, she has to be able to manage dance on top of all of her schoolwork and other activities. She also said that being in our community has helped her to work with other people, and that those skills have transferred into other aspects of her life.

Finally, I asked Victoria to give a younger dancer one piece of advice, whether they are just starting their competing journey, or even starting dance for the first time. Her advice was to find what style and type of dance that suits you and that you really like to do. It’ll be really easy for you to acclimate to the sport and love what you do.