Not only is Tap Dancing fun and creates a great social environment that appeals to all ages from kids, youth, adults to seniors, but it is also an easy dance style to learn that quickly improves ones’ fitness and overall health in a short period of time. What other dance style allows the student the unique ability to become the musical instrument, an athlete, and artist all rolled up into one?!

“Modern-day tap has evolved from a number of different sources to become one of the most distinctive dancing styles in the world today. Although an American theatrical dance, tap originated from 17th Century clog dances in northern England, African foot stamping, and traditional Gaelic jigs.”

Improves Cardiovascular Endurance

Tap Dance works the heart and lungs, with its aerobic movement, increases cardiovascular endurance, and gets blood flowing around all the body’s major muscle groups.

Improves Strength, Balance, and Coordination

Tap strengthens the muscles, tendons, ligaments and improves circulation and articulation in the legs, feet, ankles, and core with the fun challenging combinations of Rhythmic steps. The additional strength then provides better balance and coordination to the body and makes one stronger and more physically resilient.  

Exercises Your Mind and your Soul

Tap dancing is good for your brain! Studies have shown that tap dancing helps the brain by learning rhythm sequences and memorizing combinations of rhythms and steps together. Tap challenges your mind and memory while grooving to the music.

So…Why Tap Dance???

Tap builds endurance, increases blood flow, improves balance, strengthens your muscles, core and brain. Tap burns calories while cultivating ones’ love for music and rhythm and connects the dancer to the music by becoming the musical instrument, athlete, and artist. Try a tap class today and begin the unique and magical connection of music, rhythm, and dance in one!