The Effects of Summer on Small Businesses

It is common knowledge that small businesses are the backbone of America, and a huge support to the communities in which they reside.

We are blessed with the convenience of being able to run to the cleaners, the nail salon, shoe repair, boutique, dance studio, karate studio, tutor classes and more, right in our very own neighborhoods. Having the ability to stay local and quickly get our errands done is something we often take for granted.

These brick-and-mortar businesses take pride in being part of the community and quite often build connections and friendships with their customers along the way. These friendships create a sense of community as well as build trust and security as we see a familiar smiling face that is there to offer services that enhance our lives in small and big ways.

The summer months can be more challenging on a small business, as the people in the community tend to take time to travel and are not there to shop, and or take advantage of the services provided during the summer. The challenge is that the brick-and-mortar overhead costs needed to run an in-person location for the community are year-round.

It can be especially challenging for the service base businesses, such as dance studios, karate studios, tutor classes, restaurants etc., for the summer because overhead costs of running these types of businesses do not decrease during the summer months, yet the customer base often does decrease bringing in less cash flow to try and cover costs of running a small community-based business.

It can be quite daunting to maintain the current customer base as well as try to increase patronage of the business during the summer months as ‘we’ try to hold on, maintain the building, and raising costs that challenge us all. It’s wonderful to see so many small businesses catering to the summer months by offering programs, products, and services that benefit the warm weather and activities to keep us in shape.

So, if you are in town during the summer months, don’t forget to continue to make frequent trips to your convenient neighborhood small businesses, who have summer enhanced opportunities available and are always there for you through thick and thin, ready to greet you with a warm smile and wonderful services.