Why Dance and Sports Training Throughout the Year Is Important for Kids and Adults!

How does it affect Physical Fitness?

Regardless of our age, we all know the soreness we experience when stopping a physical activity and then starting back up again! Ouch! This is our body deconditioning, losing its muscle memory and reverting back to being unfit, inflexible, weak, and lacking in coordination.

How does it affect Mental Strength?

Regardless of our age, we also know what happens when we learn a new mental task and or memorization and then forget it when we don’t do it for a while. Well… unfortunately this is the same thing that happens when we put ourselves and children on the roller coaster ride of starting and stopping physical activities such as dance and sports throughout the year.

How does it affect Character Building?

The constant starting and stopping throughout the year also has the unfortunate side effect on the character-building lessons of commitment and responsibility to physical activities. It inadvertently sabotages a child’s understanding of how to be part of a team, being dependable, and challenging oneself to the next level of training and accomplishment for future successes including academic excellence.

How does it affect Academic Excellence?  

Physical Activities such as dance teaches and improves concentration, problem solving, confidence, how to apply corrections, determination, perseverance, memory, communication skills, interactive skills, to name a few.

How does it affect Emotional and Social Stability?

Dance as an example also improves emotional, and social stability. This is achieved during class training and in performance. As we accomplish tasks and challenges together, we interact with others from different backgrounds. During this time, we share the common bond and goals of the physical activity while strengthening our connection and understanding of each other. We learn to embrace that which makes each of us so different and special at the same time. FOCUS Dance Center

“Exposing your child to a team-based activity means they’ll get the opportunity to interact with other kids from outside their usual social circle at school. That can open them up to new experiences as they’ll likely encounter kids from different backgrounds or areas of the city, which is a huge benefit.”

“The more children encounter new experiences, the more they learn. Bringing in children from all types of backgrounds is a great way to foster respect and understanding in your child, as well as potentially helping them become more open to new experiences in general. This in turn can help them the rest of their lives as they won’t shy away from new social experiences or making new friends, but instead embrace these opportunities with excitement.”

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On-going dance and sports training throughout the year is important for kids and adults, with respect to setting everyone up for success. It is important even during the summer months and holiday breaks to stay as consistent, as possible, for the greatest physical, mental, emotional, social, character building, and academic excellence achievements of physical activities such as dance and sports.