When we are in our 20’s 30’s and even 40’s our bodies can take a beating and keep on ticking, but what we neglect to realize is the damage is being done but won’t show up until later in life.

So, what can we do…? First, realize the importance, second make the time, and third recognize that though you feel fine now, you need to maintain that good feeling by feeding your body, brain, and mental health with physical activities. 

“Immediate Benefits for Adults include:

A single bout of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity provides immediate benefits for your health.

Sleep – improves sleep quality.

Less Anxiety – reduces feelings of anxiety.

Blood Pressure – reduces blood pressure.

Long-term Benefits for Adults:

Regular physical activity provides important health benefits for chronic disease prevention.

Brain health – reduces risks of developing dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease) and reduces risk of depression.

Healthy Weight – reduces the risk of weight gain.

Bone Strength – improves bone health.

Balance and Coordination – reduce risks of falls.”



Running helps your cardio, and muscle strength especially in the lower have of the body. 

Tennis and pickleball:

Tennis and pickleball help with cardio, muscle strength, and agility. 


Yoga is great for flexibility, muscle strength, and meditational benefits. 


Dance has the unique benefits that all the above types of exercise offer, including cardio, muscle strength, flexibility, meditation, and coordination, plus improve one’s memory, adds a social shared connection to others, releases endorphins that lift one’s mood, creates joy through movement and music all the while connecting all forms of exercise into one!

Also, with dance you can start slowly, just taking one class a week in whichever style inspires you most, and then once you feel confident you can expand the number of hours a week enjoying and improving your health in such a way that is so fun you won’t even realize how much you are exercising and improving your overall health! 

FOCUS Dance Center

No matter what type of physical activity calls your name, just be sure to answer and get started improving and maintaining your physical and mental health for a longer and more enjoyable life!