Back to School Back to Dance!

Our understanding of the far-reaching benefits dance provides in supporting school success gives us the ability to take full advantage of this art/sport.

Knowing how dance can help transition us into the school year gives us a secret weapon in achieving greater successes in academics.

“Not only does dance help move our body into the school year, but it can also help stabilize mood, provide an outlet for expression and become a healthy coping mechanism for stress release.”

“Dance — and physical activity — should have the same status in schools as math, science and language. Psst: it may even help raise test scores, says Sir Ken Robinson.”

The attributes of dance instruction instill discipline physically and mentally, improve concentration, listening skills and structure within a fun, creative and inspiring environment. These skills learned through dance are then applied in other areas of a student’s life, including school.

Other benefits of how dance positively enhances one’s academics include a student’s ability to apply corrections, stay focused when processing new ideas and problem solving. Dance gives the student the opportunity to build strength and agility of the mind through tapping into the strength and agility of the body. Learning to move physically to music releases endorphins that improve mood and make one more inspired as well as open to trying new things, ideas and challenges.

“’All those who chose to dance displayed problem-solving skills afterwards,’ Dr. Peter Lovatt from the University of Hertfordshire explains. ‘This same study also found that the mood levels of the dancers went up. It shows that dancing along to music for only five minutes can boost happiness and improve creative-thinking patterns.'”

Cultivate a student’s interest in school through dance and you will see an improvement in their ability to better handle the demands of school stresses and challenges while also becoming physically stronger, more flexible coordinated and agile.