Why Football players take ballet!

I know it is hard to believe, but YES Football players and many other athletes take ballet and dance.

“The image of a large football player dancing nimbly on his toes (perhaps even in a tutu) makes people chuckle. But it is no laughing matter. Ballet is extremely challenging. Even more so for someone built like the typical football player. So why do they put themselves through the difficult training, and the potential ridicule? Because the advantages they gain on the football field are tremendous.”


Ballet and Dance are well known by athletes to improve balance, flexibility, muscle strength, coordination, agility, stamina and more.

Ballet and Dance also improve speed. You wouldn’t necessarily associate ballet with increased speed but the muscles we work in ballet class are the same muscles we fire to kick off fast movements in sports. Picture a tennis player on the court, or soccer player on the field and the need for quick pivot and spin ability. The muscles we train with in ballet are the same muscles needed for athletes to move fast and quick. 

Ballet and Dance are a proven beneficial cross training activity for football players looking to improve balance, agility, strength and coordination. Even highly successful NFL players include ballet as part of their training regimen.

“If you like your ballet dancers built like NFL nose tackles, we have got the ballet dancer for you.

That would be Steelers nose tackle Steve McLendon, who says that he’s been taking ballet dancing since his senior year of college ( I almost wrote that he “admitted” he’s been taking lessons, but in reality, it’s awesome that McLendon is macho enough to talk about his other hobby — of course, it’s not like anybody’s going to pick on McLendon. He’s 320 pounds, for gosh sakes)”.


So, the next time you hear someone making fun of Ballet or Dance, remember even highly successful NFL players include ballet as part of their training regimen. So, if it is good for the goose it’s good for the gander and time for everyone who likes physical activities to add Dance and Ballet to their routine. It’s not just good for the body, but good for the spirit and soul as well!