Want to improve Schoolwork and work performance? Join a dance class!

Dance is not just “kick ball change” but a multi-layered support system for mental, emotional, psychological, and physical health. This support is accomplished by the very structure of the program and the methods used to communicate and accomplish the exercises. This method creates a discipline that is then used in all aspects of one’s life.

First: Concentration

When a child, youth or adult joins a dance and fitness class, the class is designed to improve concentration abilities by the process used to gain their attention, inspire their desires to try, and the methods used for understanding how to execute the exercises and apply the corrections. Dance improves motivation and engagement in the learning process. Physical activity increases the flow of oxygen to your brain, which helps the brain function and will improve your concentration. Research has also shown that intense aerobic activity can grow new brain cells in a part of the brain responsible for memory, the hippocampus.

Second: Raising energy levels

When the student is inspired to try, it in turn feeds their desires and energy levels to keep trying to improve. They are then engaged in the learning process, which accelerates their motivation to keep trying, in turn building their confidence.

Third: Cognitive Skills help your schoolwork and work performance

Dance and Fitness have an impact on cognitive skills, academic behavior, and a positive attitude. When you tap into the potential of applying yourself to a program, the desire to try teaches us to concentrate, create a stronger work ethic, and determination. These are all important components of improved academic performance, and include enhanced concentration, improvement in memory as well as improved classroom behavior.

Fourth: Improved classroom behavior

Dance and Fitness reach far beyond the physical benefits, by the very structure of the programs. On-task behavior is cultivated in a dance and fitness environment. The on-task behavior also inspires teamwork, builds self-esteem, improves classroom behavior, and encourages continuous improvement. Focused behavior also reduces disruptive behavior, such as fidgeting in the classroom, helping to improve their academic performance (i.e. higher grades and test scores).

Finally, a dance program teaches time management and increased productivity noticeable within weeks of implementing a dance and fitness class. As dance raises your energy levels, it also combats stress, limits fatigue and releases endorphins making one feel happier. When we feel happy, we are more efficient and effective at all aspects of our life. So come “kick ball change” at FOCUS Dance Center and reap the benefits of improving your schoolwork and work performance as you build your mental, emotional, psychological, and physical strength as well.