At this special time of year, we become more aware of giving, especially as we gather with family and friends to show our love and appreciation with a special gift to each other.

Finding that meaningful gift that shows our gratitude to those we love and care about can become quite daunting as we spend lots of our own time searching for that special something that will please the ones we love, and it goes even deeper when we give a gift. Sometimes just in gathering together we are giving the priceless gift of togetherness and companionship. That social connection is invaluable to our spirit, and soul. But still, when someone goes that extra mile to find something personal and meaningful that is customized, it touches one’s heart in such a loving and fulfilling way.


Also, at this time of year we count our blessings and are more aware, appreciative, and grateful for what we have, and want to share that goodwill with others. Sometimes the simplest of gifts like a new hose to water their garden can bring a person to tears when it is something they needed but did not have the funds to buy for themselves. Or, spending a day helping someone to go through their garage and clear out the clutter can be a priceless gift indeed. We do not need to go very far to find out that there are so many close to us, a neighbor, a relative, a friend who need charity and our selflessness can be a shining light in their lives during this time of year.

Health and Wellness:

Giving a gift to improve one’s health is a gift given that can keep giving for years to come. A membership to the gym, dance and fitness classes, a new bike, treadmill, a gift certificate to a healthy store and or a restaurant. Giving can come in many different packages, and as we help someone’s health, we in turn also support a small business at the same time, giving double the gift of kindness.

Gift to Ourselves:

Our bodies release endorphins when we give to others and it gives us a great feeling of happiness, which in turn is the gift we are giving to ourselves when we are in the process giving to others. That feeling can be quite contagious and opens our hearts and thoughtfulness to the gifting others. So be sure to give that special gift of happiness to yourself this year by reaching out to others with either your time, your charity, a thoughtful gift, or customized gift of health and wellness, and especially be sure to embrace and to celebrate the priceless present of togetherness.