Here we go again, another year and we are ready to set down some resolutions to help us improve our health and happiness.

So, what can we do to ensure our new ambitious goals become part of our routine for the full year…


Give yourself kudos for your positive attitude to set some new goals. Setting goals is the first step to success. Whether your goals are to increase and improve your physical health, lose weight, get organized, be more productive, more appreciative, take time to smell the roses or…

We want to set ourselves up for success and protect against our best laid plans from going awry.


Try starting slow, and small, don’t try to commit to more than you can easily handle at first. How often have we jumped in headfirst to try and fulfill our goals in the first week…yikes! We often have a need to get those results immediately, when really it is about changing behaviors, and not really the actual goal itself which takes time.


Any new goal means changing behaviors. Adjusting our mind set is just as important as the goals themselves. Having the will power to fight the negative urges to return to the habits that have caused us to want to set the goal(s) in the first place is the true purpose in a successful resolution. Change your perspective and see it as a new lifestyle; find the enjoyment in adopting your new goals.


Adopting new goals and finding enjoyment in it will help to keep you on track. Celebrating how good you feel after a workout, or the enjoyment of experimenting with new recipes and or foods is the start to consistency and longevity of our resolution. Savor the experience rather than trying to just get to the other side, and an end. Changing behaviors means there is no end, but instead a new change in your lifestyle that can be fun, fulfilling, as well as satisfying and rewarding at the same time.

So, go out there and embrace your new lifestyle, celebrate the small successes, and conquer your resolutions one enjoyable moment at a time!