How does our confidence and emotional awareness grow through the art of dance and fitness?

Whether the plan is to become a professional dancer, a pilates instructor, run a dance program at a university, or become a doctor, lawyer, scientist etc., emotional and confidence development is key to any type of career, and dance and fitness helps to develop those skills.

When a student signs up for dance and fitness for the first time, they learn classroom etiquette, respect, teamwork, responsibility, and how to welcome and apply directions and corrections. Not only that, but they also learn the foundation for confidence and connecting to emotions (which is established from the start).

Once someone learns and executes a step or the exercise correctly, there is an instant gratification that begins to build confidence. Skills and execution gained from the art of dance being put into performance opens one’s ability to tap into their emotions and feel comfortable in front of their classmates and an audience.

Learning to use those emotions to express oneself, and feel comfortable presenting themselves in front of an audience is key to success in most careers. Knowing how to use our emotions, of empathy, happiness, sadness, and yes, even sassiness and swag, help make a person more well-rounded and comfortable in life’s situations (including academics).

Confidence and swag onstage.

Presenting yourselves in front of an audience to express your emotions and abilities sets you up for success and enhances one’s capabilities even when it comes to schoolwork, such as being confident doing presentations for science fairs, auditions, as well as internships.

The more we are in-tune with the emotional, mental, physical, psychological, and physiological aspects of our bodies and minds, the sooner we develop a sense of who we are and learn to feel comfortable presenting ourselves to others. We also a confidence to take risks and push ourselves to new heights of excellence.

Dance and Fitness cultivates all these aspects of a person, and creates a sense of self-worth, self- esteem, ambition, and confidence. Laying down this foundation allows us to pursue our dreams and ambitions and trust in ourselves. We are more likely to take chances and feel comfortable celebrating who we are and confident presenting who we are and our abilities in most situations.

So, whatever your dreams and ambitions are, signing up for dance and fitness can put you on the road to building the life skills you need to dream big and succeed in your life endeavors.