Why is Summer the Best Time to Dance and Get Fit?

Summer months are just around the corner, and school is almost out.  Hooray!

Summer is the time of year we all look forward to taking a much-needed break from our normal routine and use our summer as an opportunity to vacation and relax. But too much relaxation and no structure can lead to a lethargic attitude and lack of motivation.

So, it is important to also use summer as the perfect opportunity to keep the body and mind active and maintain some since of routine and structure. What better way for all ages to keep your physical, and mental energy levels up than with dance and fitness during the summer months.

The unique benefits of dance are great, including a positive, fun, friendly atmosphere, a structured activity that inspires creativity, cultivates enthusiasm, motivates one’s determination, and uplifts your mood and happiness.

Dance and Fitness also provide a wonderful positive social environment for making lifelong friends and is a perfect way to improve learning skills for academics with this active learning activity.

Some think that dance and fitness are seasonal activites but, a dance studio is operating year-round and uses consistency of training to offer the mental, physical, and emotional wellness benefits and stability which dance provides. As with any activity, when you stop moving, you lose the benefits you previously gained and must begin all over to re-gain what you have lost. It also negatively affects the ability of the dance studio to function successfully for their community when students drop out of class during the summer months.

Whether you sign up for a Dance Camp, or regular weekly classes, you will find that both dance and fitness release endorphins that give us the positive mood to apply ourselves to other things in our lives. Dance and Fitness propel us and give us the life tools to rise to challenges, perseverance when things are difficult, and build our confidence, and feelings of accomplishment.

So, as you get ready for Summer, don’t forget to include Dance and Fitness in your summer fun routine of activities!