What is Active Learning through Dance and Fitness?

Active Learning is the very fundamental component of the class structure and process used in teaching Dance and Fitness.

A student’s memory, concentration, coordination, creativity, self-confidence, and teamwork are just some of the results achieved from teaching a movement-based activity to music. These components tend to be more easily understood and retained when taught within a fun, and creative atmosphere.

The positive life skills of discipline, responsibility, time management, listening skills, determination etc. are taught and instilled through dance, and often result in a noticeable improvement in academic excellence as well. This is done by cultivating one’s natural talents and abilities, and customizing each experience by helping each student to learn how to channel what they are best at into success. Also, the positive, creative environment allows the students to feel more comfortable trying new things, breaking outside their comfort zone and tapping into new skills and abilities in the safe and encouraging atmosphere of a dance program.

Active learning is also considered an enrichment program introducing learning opportunities through dance and music, with a focus on small and large motor development, strength, balance and stamina. Often the disciplines and creativity practiced within a dance class results in improvement in math readiness, and better communication skills. Respect for others is taught while in this group setting and positive social and basic life learning skills are encouraged and go along with cooperation within a group setting. Academic enrichment is realized by combining an equal balance of fun and discovery.

The added benefits of self-esteem are increased by encouraging students to explore and create their own ideas, and emotions through movement. From toddlers to adults, it is never too late to cultivate and expand our confidence and life skills with Active Learning through dance and fitness. There are many programs offered, such as the ones offered at FOCUS Dance Center, from their Creative Mind and Arts Academy (a collaboration with Aloha Math and Reading and LeXT Robo Academy for 3- to 5-year-olds), to their newly developed active learning outreach program as well as their many dance and fitness classes offered for all ages and levels of ability.

Active Learning through dance and fitness cultivates the creativity while teaching life skills that can be used and applied for succeeding throughout our lives. A wonderful journey of wonderment and encouragement awaits  those who take that first step to active learning.