Building a strong community for kids and adults through the art of dance and fitness

“Social support, referring to the psychological and material resources provided through social interaction, is a critical mechanism through which social relationships benefit health. In fact, social support has even been shown to be one of the most important resilience factors in the aftermath of a stressful events. In the context of COVID-19, the usual ways in which individuals interact and obtain social support have been severely disrupted.”

Long et. al. 2022

People build bonds with others in their community when they join a dance studio. The programs offered inspire teamwork, a common goal, and a social connection that forms meaningful relationships in our community with those outside our close circle of friends. Sports and dance are often described as a road for developing community pride, civic engagement, initiate social development, improve social cohesion and economic development for a community. Small businesses that provide physical activity services also create a host of other positive social outcomes.

Along with developing mental, physical, and psychological strength in kids and adults, physical activity such as dance can help build stronger, more vibrant communities by bringing people of different backgrounds and cultures together to interact and integrate by taking part, participating, volunteering, and spectating in dance arts. Dance is also known for enhancing collective pride, identity, and sense of belonging. Physical activities are also a valuable tool.

Dance and the much-needed social connection to our community provide us with a sense of connection, purpose, support, and, ultimately, overall better health and longevity. Dozens of studies have shown that people who have fulfilling relationships with family, friends and community members are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer. So here is your opportunity to be an intracule part of your community by simply signing up for dance and reaping the benefits of helping to build a stronger community for yourself your kids.