“A large part of critical brain development in children happens before they even start kindergarten. It impacts everything from school performance to lifelong social skills”


Pre-school programs offer unique opportunities to children up to 5 years of age, including: Socialization, exposure to diversity, brain and body coordination, healthy mind and body, and introduction to academics in a fun and creative way.


These programs teach children how to interact with teachers, other children, and parents. Students learn to take turns, improve their listening skills, and improve their attention span. Socialization through a playful yet structured environment is a critical part of learning the social skills necessary to take children through life.

Expressing emotions and learning to deal with their feelings helps create a more emotionally stable child who is better prepared to handle interactions with others.

Exposure to diversity:

Whether it’s diversity in race, class, socioeconomic status, or religion, it’s beneficial to the child. It builds confidence and self-worth and a better understanding and empathy towards others.

Arts and Academics; body and brain coordination:

In different preschool programs children are presented with an atmosphere of fun that introduces them to arts and academics activities in a positive and welcoming environment. They get to discover new experiences in music, art, and academic learning exercises in a way that cultivates their interests and passion for knowledge that will last them a lifetime. Dancing, singing, clapping, and other fun activities can help develop children’s motor skills. Singing, dancing and music can build brain and body coordination. 

Healthy mind and body:

When children participate in active learning programs that emphasizes physical activity, they get to learn and stay active simultaneously. Nurturing a child’s mind and body at an early age is key to overall lifetime health and brain development. To get your child started on this journey click here. Getting into the routine of being active at an early age is key to building healthy lifelong habits. A Harvard study revealed that early childhood education leads to a lower chance of special education placement. It also increases the likelihood of graduating from high school.

“Programs that provide opportunities to learn art, music, STEM, and stay active are all positive signs of an excellent school.”


So be sure to help set your child up for success by nurturing a child’s mind and body at an early age; A key to overall lifetime health.